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Arjun Singh’s Hidden Agenda

Posted in Uncategorized by yossarian on 23 May, 2006

Decision on quota is final: Arjun

In an interview with Karan Thapar, this is what Mr. Singh said. Take a look at his answers, not a single question answered properly. He had nothing to say to any of the statistics and figures provided by Mandal, NSSO, National Family & Health Survey, media, UGC, IITs, Parliamentary committees.

All he has to say is that everything has been decided already, or that the group of ministers is looking into it. "So far as I can see, it is a closed chapter and that is why I have to implement what all Parliament has said".

I am not talking now about the desirability of the reservations. That is a different issue. I am talking of the attitude of our HRD minister to such an important issue. At times he says that a decision cannot be taken by just a few people and the very next moment he says everything is decided. "I have said what I had to say and the point is that that is not an issue for us to now debate". Then in that case, why is he not forthcoming in providing the details. If the government wants to implement some scheme without regard to public or expert (National Knowledge Commission) opinion and push it down our throats, then all one can say is that government and in this case Mr. Arjun Singh in particular has a 'hidden agenda'.

Congress was among those who shouted till they were hoarse for five years during the BJP ( NDA) rule, that the BJP had an 'hidden agenda'. Regardless of BJP's intentions, they had atleast talked of having a national debate on some of their controversial aims. Makes me wonder who is more 'fascist' Advani or Arjun Singh?


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